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Balance candidate experience and informed hiring with TalassureQ

These days, entry-level candidates have their pick of jobs. You need to make informed hiring decisions, but you don't want to scare them off with a full battery of assessments.  Enter TalassureQ:  a 3-in-1 assessment that measures cognitive abilities, behavioral attributes, and conscientiousness all in one quick test. 

Try TalassureQ FREE FOR 90 DAYS and gain insight into these key insights about your prospective hires:

  • Are they highly-motivated?

  • Can they be cross-trained?

  • Are they adaptable?

  • Are they team players?

  • Are they conscientious?

  • Will they adhere to workplace rules and policies?

  • Are they committed to your organizational mission and values?

Take the guesswork out of entry-level hiring without putting your candidates through the wringer. There's never been a more precise, cost-effective, candidate-friendly solution for identifying the best fits for your organization.

Schedule a meeting with an assessment specialist now to get started!